Artist Profiles

The classes and workshops are ran by a number of talented artists,

each delivering their specialist skills.



"I am an artist teacher and maker with a background in sculpture and a particular interest in printmaking. Following the completion of a Fine Arts degree at Loughborough University and subsequent post graduate studies. I returned to the Derbyshire Dales where I have lived and worked for over 25 years. Living and working in Derbyshire is important to me, providing a significant visual response for my work, with the themes of home, countryside and the domestic environment being a particular focus."



Instagram: @lizwellby




"Originally from Lancashire, I have lived in Derbyshire for over 32 years. I completed my degree in Fine Art at Portsmouth. Although I trained formally in life drawing, I like to explore a range of materials and subjects related to my love of nature and geology using pastels and watercolour. Later in life I completed my PGCE and taught Design and Technology up to A-Level.

Since 2017 I have been teaching art courses in the community and delivering art for wellbeing in two care homes, I have seen firsthand how important creative arts can be on mental wellbeing."



Instagram: @anniesartderbyshire





"I am a freelance illustrator specialising in Children's book illustration. I love to use ink and a dip pen and work primarily with watercolour. My subjects are usually children and animal characters but really I love to draw ANYTHING! As well as Children's book illustration I draw bespoke character illustrations, greetings cards, mural work as well as teach! 

I completed my degree specialising in Illustration. From this I worked part time as a print technician and also freelance as an illustrator. A few years later I began working in Further Education teaching; painting, drawing, life drawing and of course, illustration.



Instagram: @sallygingerillustration




"I discovered the magic of wet felting by chance in 2011, during a holiday in the Scottish Borders, when I came across the work of Moy Mackay in a local gallery. I fell in love with the fabulous colours, the textural vibrancy and the emotional range she achieved in a material which I had never seen used in such a way before.

Much of my work has been inspired by stunning sunrises, cloudscapes and sunsets, the wool lending itself to recreating the shapes, layers and textures found in our skies. More recently, I have rediscovered a lifelong preoccupation with human traces in our landscape, using the felt to suggest movement and depth of place."



Instagram: @feltsteph



"I am a teacher, artist, designer and illustrator. I completed a degree in Fashion and Textiles at Loughborough University, before doing a PGCE at Birmingham University. For 30 years I taught Fine Art and Textiles up to A-Level. To inspire others in their creative journey is incredibly fulfilling."



Instagram: @tinaspetportraits