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  Orchard Priory Standard Drawing Board A3

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 Orchard Priory Standard Drawing Board A3

Ref No: DT05

The Priory Standard drawing board is fitted with a cross-wire parallel motion and a desktop Priory frame.

Up for the job.
The fully welded steel Priory frame provides thirteen different positions from horizontal to 60° on A1, from horizontal to 45° on A2 and from horizontal to 40° on A3. These drawing boards also feature a retaining catch to hold the frame closed during transport.

A1 & A2 Straight Edges
A1 and A2 Priory drawing boards are fitted with an aluminium straight edge featuring a precision machined 15mm transparent acrylic blade running full width along the drawing edge. The bottom of the straight edge is designed with an inking edge.

A3 Straight edges
As standard the A3 Priory drawing board is fitted with a narrower acrylic straight edge in order to optimize work space on the board surface.

The student drawing board.
Robust components make it perfect for design studios or educational environments whilst its lightweight and compact design make it portable enough for student use.

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