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  Art Studio

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We are excited to be launching the “Art Studio” at our new Lumsdale Site from September.

We have several artists who are keen to get going with workshops and courses depending on interest from the public. 

We are also keen to hear from any artists who have skills they would like to share.

Below is a list of artists /crafters who have already registered an interest. 

Weekly Classes:
Annie Howe: Art Circle (an art group for people with some experience)
Tina Gothard: Acrylics courses
Penni Meade: Crafting classes

Lin Fletcher: Stained glass workshops
Caroline Buchwald: Pewter Workshops
Liz Welby: Printing Workshops
Andrea Hytch: Oil and cold wax
Susan White: Felting 
Susan Botting: Oil Portraits 
You can register your interest either in the shop or by emailing