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  Brusho 50g Pots

Brusho 50g Pot

£5.02 inc vat

 Brusho 50g Pots

Ref No: CCB5012

A unique, transparent, highly pigmented water-colour ink powder giving wonderful bursts of colour.

Brusho is also a unique colouring medium for mixed media, painting and textile embellishment.

50g Pot

Products / Options

Brusho 50g Lemon  £4.18  
Brusho 50g Yellow  £4.18  
Brusho 50g Orange  £4.18  
Brusho 50g Brilliant Red  £4.18  
Brusho 50g Crimson  £4.18  
Brusho 50g Brown  £4.18  
Brusho 50g Cobalt Blue  £4.18  
Brusho 50g Ultramarine  £4.18  
Brusho 50g Green  £4.18  
Brusho 50g Burnt Sienna  £4.18  
Brusho 50g Black  £4.18  
Brusho 50g White  £4.18  

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