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  Essdee Block Printing Ink 300ml

£5.58 inc vat

 Essdee Block Printing Ink 300ml

Ref No: LPI

Essdee water-based block printing inks are specially formulated to give a smooth flow resulting in excellent coverage and printing properties. This non-permanent ink is available in a wide variety of colours and is designed to give maximum working time whilst still maintaining excellent transfer properties. Works well on all grades of paper leaving a smooth finish.

Products / Options

Lemon Yellow  £4.65  
Brilliant Yellow  £4.65  
Orange  £4.65  
Yellow Ochre  £4.65  
Leaf Green  £4.65  
Emerald Green  £4.65  
Viridian  £4.65  
Turquoise  £4.65  
Sky Blue  £4.65  
Brilliant Blue  £4.65  
Prussian Blue  £4.65  
Purple  £4.65  
Vermillion  £4.65  
Crimson  £4.65  
Brilliant Red  £4.65  
Burnt Sienna  £4.65  
White  £4.65  
Black  £4.65  
Bronze  £6.25  
Silver  £6.25  
Gold  £6.25  

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