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  FW Mixed Media Markers Nibs

£4.38 inc vat

 FW Mixed Media Markers Nibs

Ref No: 160323101

FW Mixed Media Paint Marker replacement nib sets are available in a variety of nib sizes matching the different marker head sizes.

FW Mixed Media Markers allow inks and other liquid media to be applied with precision across a variety of surfaces. Ideal for use with FW Acrylic Ink, the empty markers can create unlimited individual colours through mixing and dilution and can be filled with other mediums such as acrylic, watercolour and calligraphy inks.


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0.8mm Technical Nibs Pack of 8  £3.65  

1-2mm Hard Point Nibs Pack of 10  £3.65  

1-2mm Round Nibs Pack of 12  £3.65  

1-3mm Chisel Nibs Pack of 12  £3.65  

2-4mm Round Nibs Pack of 12  £3.65  

2-6mm Chisel Nibs Pack of 12  £3.65  

8-15mm Flat Nibs Pack of 3  £3.65  

3-6mm Round Nibs Pack of 3  £3.65  

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