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  Orchard Clifton Drawing Board A1

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 Orchard Clifton Drawing Board A1

Ref No: DU04

The Clifton drawing board is fitted with a cross-wire parallel motion and a foldable A-frame stand.

Crosswire parallel motion
Orchard's continuous wire drawing boards are built to the highest standards. Precision is paramount and with its smooth, reliable parallel motion, the Clifton floor standing drawing board will always deliver.
Practical longevity

The durability and compact design of this type of drawing table also makes these drawing tables ideal for schools and colleges.

Straight Edge
The aluminium straight edge features a precision machined 15mm transparent acrylic blade. The straight edge runs the full width of the drawing board. The bottom of the straight edge is rebated which allows ink pens to be used without smudging.

Floor standing frame.
The collapsible A-frame stand allows for drawing table height and angle adjustment. It can be easily removed for storage or transport.

Ready To Go.
The Clifton drawing board is supplied fully assembled and ready to use straight from the box.

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