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  Panart Wooden Painting Canvas Panel

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£5.88 inc vat

 Panart Wooden Painting Canvas Panel

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Panart Wooden Painting Canvas are produced with 250gsm acid-free cotton canvas bonded to a solid core and frame, triple primed with acrylic titanium gesso.

Panart canvases are the true definition of excellent stretching tension and a perfectly smooth painting surface, great for acrylic. Standard canvas thickness of 24mm deep.

Handmade in India.

Products / Options


Canvas Panel 12in x 9in (305x229mm)  £4.90  

Canvas Panel 12in x 12in (305x305mm)  £5.25  

Canvas Panel 16in x 12in (406x305mm)  £6.30  

Canvas Panel 16in x 20in (406x508mm)  £7.75  

Canvas Panel 14in x 18in (360x460mm)  £9.65  

Canvas Panel 24in x 18in (610x460mm)  £10.95  

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