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  Sennelier Oil Sticks 38ml

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 Sennelier Oil Sticks 38ml

Ref No: S70

Sennelier Oil Sticks allows oil painting to be approached differently.It extends the artist's freedom of expression, allowing a greater degree of spontaneity, of "expressionism". The choice and high concentration of pigments enables excellent light resistance to be achieved.

Can be used on canvas, canvas boards, laminated panels, paper. Solid oil paint should be applied in a relatively thin film (no more than 1mm). Layers can be overlapped, in the same manner as paste oil paint, and can, if necessary, be thinned with turpentine. Before use, the surface film should be removed. This will re-form after a few days of non-use. Paint applied dries within 2 to 5 days depending on layer thickness and conditions. A clear medium is available allowing transparency and glazing effects to be achieved.

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