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  Zest-It Brush-able Wax Resist

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 Zest-It Brush-able Wax Resist


The Brushable Wax Resist can be applied with a brush, sponge, or shaper. If thinned with Wax Solvent; a dip pen or ruling pen. Apply to paper, wood or porous surface as a Wax Resist, the area covered with wax will retain its original colour, when watercolour is applied. Use with a ‘squeezy bottle’ for a cold style Batik on paper or fabric.

Allow to dry if a more impasto effect is required or a ‘silk painting’ look. Oil paint, dyes, dry pigment, glitter or similar can be added to the Wax Resist for colour and different effects.

Made from renewable source beeswax and gum damar with a very mild citrus, waxy smell.

Do not wash down the sink.

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50g Jar  £6.75  

90g Jar  £9.10  

140g Jar  £10.35  

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