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  Zest-It Cold Wax Painting Medium

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 Zest-It Cold Wax Painting Medium


Cold Wax Painting Medium gives body and substance to materials. It can be mixed with oil paint, pigment, powdered metals, marble and other fine art materials to increase the workability and speed drying time. Cold Wax Painting Medium does not contain any CFCs and is classed as biodegradable, meaning it is not harmful to the environment. Unlike encaustic wax, cold wax does not need or require heat to be used. Can be used alongside Zest-It Wax Solvent.

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80g Jar  £8.40  

150g Jar  £11.45  

320g Jar  £17.99  

840g Jar  £40.70  

1.25kg Jar  £57.20  

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