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  Office and School Scissors

Soft Grip Scissor 19cm

Soft Grip Scissor 21cm

All Purpose Scissor 15cm

All Purpose Scissor 21cm

Premium Comfort Scissor 25cm

Go Green 15cm

Go Green Recycled Scissor 15cm

Go Green 21cm

Go Green Recycled Scissor 21cm

Go Green Left Hand

Go Green Recycled Left Hand Scissor 21cm

21cm Bioguard Titanium Scissor

DT4061 Bioguard Stainless Steel Scissor 23cm

23cm Bioguard Stainless Steel

Carbon ‘Do Anything’ Scissor 17.5cm

240mm Stainless Steel Tailoring Scissors

LH Ruler Scissor Yellow/Green 13cm Pack of 12

RH Ruler Scissor Red 13cm Pack of 12

Wooden Scissor Block and 32 Ruler Scissors

Wooden Scissor Block with 32 Holes

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